"Designing Biology for Health and Sustainability"

One of the world's foremost authorities on Systems Biology, Dr. Pamela Silver from Harvard University, will present the next EBI Seminar in Berkeley on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at noon in 115 EBB, with lunch to follow. She will discuss, among other things, her recent construction of
Pamela Silver
synthetic protein/RNA structures to increase the efficiency of biological reactions.
A professor at Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Dr. Silver is building cell-based machines, designing novel therapeutics, and reengineering photosynthetic bacteria to produce hydrogen and other fuels. She is also leading a Department of Energy project to develop new approaches for advanced microbial biofuels.
Dr. Silver is available to meet individually or in groups after her talk. To reserve a time during the afternoon, go to THIS LINK.
For those who cannot attend in person, the seminar can be experienced live via Internet and phone:


  • To listen online and view slides, go to www.readytalk.com, and enter 6421825 in the "PARTICIPANT, Join a Conference" box. 
  • To listen by phone, dial 866-740-1260, and enter access code 6421825# when prompted.