Dr. James Flatt: Biobased Production


At Berkeley on Tuesday (Oct. 8) at noon (PST) in EBB 115, Dr.James Flatt, Chief Technology Officer for Synthetic Genomics, Inc., will speak on "Observations from the Front Lines in the Development of Biobased Products Manufacturing." Flatt, also President of SG's Genovia Bio, will focus on the development of biocatalysts and metabolic engineering to construct and engineer biological systems from individual genetic elements, to biosynthetic pathways, to whole organisms. The engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae will serve as one example
Lunch will be served following the talk. Anyone wishing to schedule an individual or group meeting with Dr. Flatt either before (9-11:30 a.m.) or after the talk (1:30 to 5 p.m. should go to THIS LINK to calendar an appointment. Questions can be sent to Shelley Brozenick at sbrozenick@berkeley.edu.
Dr. Flatt has been involved with the industrial biotechnology field for 23 years. Prior the joining Synthetic Genomics, J. Craig Venter's firm that develops sustainable biotechnology processes for fuels and chemicals, Flatt was Executive Vice President at Mascoma Corp., a leader in the development of cellulosic biofuels. He has also worked for Martek Biosciences, Merck and Monsanto. Among his degrees is a masters in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley.