Kennedy and Kartstein Bio and Abstract

2012-13 EBI Seminar Series

Tuesday, October 30, 4 p.m.


Adam Kennedy, Senior Study Director, North American Biofuels, Pharma/Consumer Health, Metabolon, Inc.


Howard Kartstein, Director of Sales, Bio-Industrial, Consumer and Veterinary Products, Metabolon, Inc.


Metabolomic Profiling: An Integrated Technology for Advancing Biofuels, Bio-Innovation, Metabolic Engineering and Fermentation




Dr. Kennedy received degrees in biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of Virginia. He trained at the National Institutes of Health, where he spent five years performing infectious disease vaccine research prior to joining Metabolon in 2010. Dr. Kennedy has over 25 peer-reviewed research publications and leads Metabolon's client-directed research on metabolic engineering and bioprocessing/cell culture. He also advises clients on understanding and enhancing nutrition and consumer health.

Mr. Kartstein manages the Consumer Products franchise at Metabolon, where his

responsibilities include client and business area development. Prior to joining Metabolon,

he ran sales in the United States for the CEREP and has held management positions

responsible for client satisfaction and sales for other research products companies,

including Genzyme, PerSeptive Diagnostics and Seragen. Mr. Karstein received his degree in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire.




Maximizing the production of bio-molecules and biofuels in cell culture and fermentation systems remains empirical and requires multiple rounds of systematic analysis to resolve issues pertaining to production and product quality. Metabolomic profiling provides a wealth of information regarding the biochemical characterization of a system, and analysis of small molecules can provide early indication of the ensuing phenotypic changes, thereby guiding and improving strain design and selection, process development and scale-up to improve overall productivity. Metabolon provides analysis of biochemicals affecting cell metabolism at all stages of bioprocess development and production and in a large variety of expression systems including bacteria, yeast, algae, plant and mammalian cells. Global profiling detects the maximum number of metabolites in a system, and tracking these changes over time can resolve potential interactions/cross-talk between pathways. For example, as systems become deprived of specific metabolites, others are catabolized to substitute for the depleted metabolites. Biochemical changes can be correlated to performance data (e.g. production over time, cell viability, pH) and biochemical profiling of raw materials such as base and feed media components can identify differences which can be correlated to bioreactor performance. Changes in the biochemical profile can be utilized, leveraged and integrated in bioproduction and fermentation systems to improve production and product quality. Metabolon offers a unique, consultative working relationship and provides mechanistic understanding of biological systems, discovering new options and confirming hypotheses while saving valuable research time and funds.