"Recent Advances in Yeast Biotechnology"

Professor, bioengineer and entrepreneur Tillman Gerngross of Dartmouth College is the initial speaker in the 2014 spring semester seminar series at the Energy Biosciences Institute in Berkeley. On Thursday, January 16, at noon in room 115 EBB at the Energy Biosciences Institute in Berkeley, Calif., Dr. Gerngross will discuss the latest technologies he has developed from engineering yeast cells to improve bio-therapeutics. An innovator and founder of several venture-backed companies in recent years, Dr. Gerngross was named one of the most notable people in biotechnology in the last 10 years by Nature Biotechnology magazine.


To arrange a meeting with Dr. Gerngross after the talk or to join him for dinner, go to THIS LINK and schedule a time in the available calendar slots.


Lunch will follow the talk in the EBB lobby. Also, for those who cannot attend in person, his seminar can be experienced live via Internet and phone:


  • To listen online and view slides, go to www.readytalk.com, and enter 6421825 in the "PARTICIPANT, Join a Conference" box. 
  • To listen by phone, dial 866-740-1260, and enter access code 6421825# when prompted.