Robert J. Davis profile




Dr. Robert J. Davis is Earnest Jackson Oglesby Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, where he has been teaching since 1990. 
He received the Emmett Award of the North American Catalysis Society, the NSF Young Investigator Award, the DuPont Young Professor Award, and the Union Carbide Innovation Recognition Award. Professor Davis has co-authored more than 100 publications, 1 patent and 1 textbook, entitled "Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering."  He has delivered over 100 invited lectures at conferences, academic departments and industrial research groups, and has co-authored over 100 additional presentations at technical meetings.

A wide variety of alcohols can be produced from biomass by fermentation or chemical conversion of carbohydrates. In Dr. Davis' presentation, the subsequent transformation of biomass-derived alcohols via catalytic oxidation to acids or via Guerbet-type coupling to longer chain alcohols will be discussed.  
Dr. Davis will talk on Tuesday, Sep. 10, at noon (PST) in the Energy Biosciences Building, Room 115, in Berkeley. The title of his presentation is "Transformations of Alcohols Derived From Renewable Biomass over Solid Catalysts."
Lunch will be served immediately following the talk. To find out more information or schedule individual or group meeting times, contact Shelley Brozenick at