Job Opportunities


The Energy Biosciences Institute is looking for innovative and forward-thinking scholars and researchers to lend their expertise. Positions posted on this page are available for applicants at both Berkeley(UCB) and Illinois(UIUC) locations of the Energy Biosciences Institute.Faculty, postdoctoral and research associate positions are recruited through the relevant Human Resources offices of the respective campuses. Job descriptions and applicant information, including closing dates, can be found at the links on the position titles.

Since programs and projects evolve and new ones are added, check back frequently for the updated list.

Research Position
Position Department Location
Internship Opportunities All UCB
Undergraduate Work Opportunities All UCB
Internship Opportunities All UIUC
Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee in Woody Bioenergy Research College of Natural Resources UCB
Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee for Design of Sustainable Sugarcane Project College of Natural Resources UCB
Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Biogeochemical Processes in Subsurface Reservoirs Department of Geology and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering UIUC
Post-doctoral Position, Ecological Model-Data Synthesis to Predict Productivity, Greenhouse Gas Balance, and Warming Potential of Biofuel Agroecosystems Department of Plant Biology and Energy Biosciences Institute UIUC
Bioprocess Engineer Energy Biosciences Institute UCB
Bioprocess Analyst: Energy Biosciences Institute Energy Biosciences Institute UCB
Senior Fermentation Engineer Energy Biosciences Institute UIUC
Postdoctoral Research Associate Microbial Physiology UIUC